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5 Things That Will Help Pick Up Women

If you don’t have a girlfriend it can feel like a long road between you and getting one.

The truth is, there isn’t.

Once you get active and take control you’ll start having the chance to sleep with multiple women and gain insight into how easy it is to get laid and meet high quality women.

Today I’m going to tell you about 5 things that will change your game and get you laid.

#1 – Start Meditation

The biggest game-changer, that starts having effects within 2 weeks is meditation.

Just spending 5 minutes per day staring at a wall, focusing on your breath is enough to completely change your mental state.

You’ll become less reactive and others will find it hard to stifle you and finally, you’ll gain control over your energy making you calmer, something that everyone loves.

Check out this guide on meditation, it’s a great place to start:

#2 – Become Comfortable With Yourself

We’re all born with things we’d like to change…

…Maybe it’s your nose, ears, butt or penis, or just about any other body part.

The biggest and most important thing you can do is stop seeing it as a negative and use it as a positive.

Start embracing the things you hate about yourself, the more you do this the more comfortable you’ll become in your own skin.

Trust me when women, even men see someone who’s comfortable in their own skin it’s eye-opening and attractive.

Meditation can help with passing this step.

#3 – Go Out More

If you go to clubs, classes, events and hot spots as much as you can you’ll become a wolf amongst sheep.

While other guys are sat behind their phone, texting their way to the bedroom, you’ll be learning the actual skills it takes to use real life and talk someone there.

You’ll literally be able to tear up anyone who relies on text game and women deeply crave this type of man.

Noone wants someone who can’t say how they feel in real life.

#4 – Man Up

Oh damn, I said it.

It’s true, the quicker you can learn to deal with bull s**t problems the quicker you’ll get the girl you deserve.

Break your fears about spiders, clean the mess in your house and don’t be scared to be the man.

Women crave male energy, the energy of someone who gets the job done and doesn’t let fear get in their way.

#5 – Exercise

You don’t need to be a jacked up dude to get the girls, I mean I actually see jacked up dudes getting rejected due to their entitlement…

…But having a body that you look after is attractive.

So, eat the right foods, drink water, instead of soda and learn to beath with yoga.

This helps boost testosterone, lower anxiety and improves libido, all things that make life so much easier to live.

You can see all the awesome benefits exercises has on you.

Extra Things That May Help You

Focus on the above and you’ll be grand, but if you want a little extra I’ve listed it here:

  • Breathing

You can control a lot with your beath, from anxiety, heart rate, and even calmness.

Learning a few Pranayama breathing exercises will take you far.

Whether it’s to ease your nerves, get you to sleep or lower your anxiety so you can make that approach, you need breathing exercises in your life.

  • Intense Workouts

I mentioned training, but if you really want to gain all the benefits from exercise you need to go hard.

You see your body needs to feel under stress by your workout in order to gain access to all the benefits.

That’s why HIT workouts, Crossfit, and calisthenics workouts are so addictive, they push us harder and it gains testosterone, confidence and all the over lovely chemicals released with exercise.

  • Don’t Get Drunk

Alcohol does give you an advantage at the start, but you’ll become reliant on it and that causes all kinds of problems.

Instead of relying on alcohol to pick up women learn how and even though it’ll be harder at the start it’s far more consistent and healthy in the long run.

Plus, what will you do when you met a hotty and you’ve not got a buzz?

Will you find the nearest alcohol and down it?

That’s just not productive…

…At least not for the majority of life.

  • Get Active On Social Media

Take a second and create an awesome Instagram and Facebook, these two tools will be used to stay connected with all the ladies you meet.

Fill them with awesome pictures and use Instagram like it’s a look into your life, pose with hot girls, show your day at the gym and take awesome pictures when you travel.

This alone can be used as a dating site when done right and is ideal for when you’re trying to close the deal.

  • Are You A Creep?

Think about it.

Would you go home with you?

The worst vibe you can have as someone is to be creepy and it’s a surefire way to make any girl run a mile when she see’s you.

There are a few things that stop creepiness:

  • Social acuity

Being able to see and feel how others are feeling and act accordingly.

  • Clothes

If you’re wearing a hood up in a club you’re most likely weird.

  • Starring

Look, starring can be a great way to flirt, however, if you’re just trying to lock eye contact it’s pure weird.

Unless you’re going to talk to someone or see them trying to make eye contact with you, leave eye contact down to a minimum.

  • Have Swag

It’s all good being comfortable in what you’re wearing, that’s awesome.

However, you should try to wear nice clothes, have a good haircut and be clean and smell good.

These factors are really important when it comes to picking up women.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to buy designer labels… This actually doesn’t mean anything, as long as you look clean and smell good, labels and Rolex watches really don’t do much ontop of that.

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