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14 Tips That Will Help You Get A Girlfriend

We all want women to fall in love with us.

Isn’t that the dream? To walk into bars, have girls approaching you, checking you out and laughing at everything you say.

It’s the dream for many and today I’m going to share with you the truth about making women fall for you.

It’s not going to be easy, but what I’m about to teach you will change your life if and only if, you apply it.


#1 – Come From A Place Of Complete Abundance

One of the most unattractive traits in a person is neediness.

Even in relationships that are years old, if one person becomes needier it can completely change the relationship for the worse.

In life you need to come from a place of abundance, being happy with who you are and what you’ve got.

Have you ever had a girlfriend and all of a sudden there are loads of girls who want you?

That’s because you had abundance, they can see you don’t need them and people want what they can’t have.

Now abundance takes experience to develop, so experience more and take time to develop an abundant outlook on life.


#2 – Find Out Who You Really Are

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows exactly who they are.

The person you are reading this alone in a room is not the person you are while you’re in a club or social setting.

Most of us develop this fake self to gain approval in our childhood and teenage years, the issue is it follows us everywhere and stops us from actually connecting with people.

Now don’t get it twisted, being you doesn’t mean being the center of attention, the funniest person in the room or Mr quite.

It means finding out bit, by bit who the real you is and then learning to express that to people you meet without putting on an act.

There’s a fantastic lady who did a tedtalk about it here and I highly recommend you check it out.



#3 – Practice Talking All The Time

Go grab a coffee, talk to the checkout person and the people in the queue.

Go get a haircut, talk to the person cutting your hair.

No one to talk to?

Go to a club, a bar or any social setting and just approach people.

It’s DAMN hard, it will suck hard, but after a few attempts you’ll meet people, maybe one will be a girl, maybe one will be a new friend.

Either way you always want to practice talking in public, with strangers and friends as it’s an amazing learning tool.


#4 – Practice Listening All The Time

People tend to focus on what they are about to say, instead of what the other person is saying.

If you’re shy and words just don’t come out, then take some time and listen.

I’ve known people to not be too talkative, but be able to sit with women for hours and have them lust over them by just listening and really caring about what they are saying.

There’s nothing more addictive than someone who listens with interest, asks questions and lets us speak.


#5 – Understand What Women Want

There’s a lot that goes through a woman’s mind when she’s thinking about going home with a guy or even investing in a conversation with a guy.

On top of that every woman wants something different from you.

Some want excitement, some want naughtiness, some want a good chat and others don’t want anything.

You need to learn who you’re talking to and not treat every woman the exactly the same.

Being the funny guy might work sometimes, being the guy who listens might work others.

It’s a game that constantly changes and you need to use your brain and ability to see things from others perspectives.


#6 – Work On Inner Game

Outer game is important, things like eye contact, speach, and body language all make a massive difference, but the key to all them things is inner game.

Working on your mental state so you can handle the stressors that may come your way while dating.


  • Meditation

Step one is to do some basic mindfulness meditation, just 5 – 10 minutes at the start is perfect.

This will help with anxiety and slow you down so you’re not so reactive to other people.


  • Yoga

Yoga is great for body and mind, it helps keep you calm and has helped me develop more control over my body language by heightening my awareness.


  • Breathing

One of the best tips I can give you is to try deep breathing.

If you’re feeling awkward, breath using this exercise:

Inhale: 5 seconds

Hold: 3 seconds

Exhale: 5 seconds

Hold 3 seconds

Repeat 3 times or till you’re feeling more relaxed.

It can stop anxiety, calm you and help you gain the confidence you need to take action.


#7 – Try NoFap (If You’re Ready)

There’s nothing creepier than a guy with a look that tells you he’s going to masturbate about you later.

Sounds funny, but it’s true.

Women can sense this and it’s definitely not something they’re looking for in a guy.

So, for some people a NoFap reset is the perfect answer, it’s hard, really hard, but after it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Now it’s not for everyone, some people will just get creepier, but if you have a problem with masturbation and can’t stop it, nofap is the way to go.


#8 –  Understand What You Fear

Once you understand your fears you can understand how to beat them.

Lot’s of people just accept that they are scared of talking to strangers, even people they know.

Once you understand what your fears are you can start fixing yourself to stop them having an effect.

For example, I care about what people think of me way too much when I say the wrong things I cringe inside, this started to change when I realized I care about peoples judgment and as long as I’m being myself the judgment they have for me is their own problem, not mine.

Once I stopped caring about other peoples judgment something I have no control of, my confidence has completely changed.


#9 – Get A Good Wingman Or Girl

You should never fear going out on your own, but it’s far easier to meet people when you already have a few friends with you.

Now if you really want social proof than having a few girl friends is absolutely amazing.

There’s nothing that tells a girl you’re a safe, worthwhile guy than having a few girl wingmen or just friends.

It also makes it easier to bring new girls into a group, as trying to bring two girls into a 6 man group is really intimidating.


#10 – Use The Friend Zone To Your Advantage

Some girls will not fancy you, that’s life.

Don’t be a baby and instead use this to your advantage.

You always want friends, even when you have a one night hook up, it’s ideal if you remain, friends, so that the next time you’re out alone you have a list of awesome women you can call and ask out.

So, next time you’re friend-zoned, use it as a time to become real friends with a girl and then use that friendship to meet other girls, maybe even connect with her circle of friends.


#11 – Build Epic Social Circles

The real key to meeting hundreds of women and having an awesome life is a social circle.

There’s nothing more powerful than having a solid group of male and female friends from all over the town, city, country or world.

This gives you loads of social proof and instead of having to cold approach girls you can literally just say hi and get talking when they join your group of friends.


#12 – Build Amazing Social Profiles

Creating an epic social circle starts online, you need awesome Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is usually the first thing people see of you and it needs to be gold.

The more awesome pictures, the better and after a few months, you’ll notice both guys and girls contacting you asking for to go out and get a checky invite to the next thing you go too.


#13 – Try Dating Apps Like Tinder

I’m not a massive fan of Tinder, but it has its strengths.

It allows you to go into a new city and hook up with people you’ve never met without any cold approach.

Now I feel Tinder is becoming a little too male and it’s becoming hard to find decent matches that turn into meetups, but it’s good to have yourself on it as it’s a great way to spend free time when you’re traveling or bored, and you never know it might turn into something.

#14 – Don’t Fake Your Confidence

I met so many people who honestly think they are 10 out of 10 in looks, style and personality.

This is a MASSIVE turn off, especially when they are not even 6’s.

I don’t know why but it seems that when people hear be confident, it means that they have to have a mindset where they are better and more attractive than anyone else.

This is a big issue, why?

Because it’s not the truth and if that’s your whole mindset, then it’s going to come crashing down around you as soon as a hotter male/female walks into the room or your social circle.

Understand confidence isn’t thinking your the best, it’s having the power to be yourself and do the hard stuff in spite of fear, when you keep doing the hard stuff in spite of your fears then you get true confidence and it’s really only the ability to have fun and do what you like without fear of judgment.

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